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If you decide to sell a house, in addition to the title deeds, your solicitor needs other information about the property.

The transaction will go ahead more quickly if you can provide the following in advance:-


This can be obtained and printed from the Revenue Commissioners local property tax website.  The printout will show the address of the property along with confirmation that household charge and property tax up to and including the current year have been paid in full.  In the event that you have arranged to pay by instalments, please contact Revenue immediately, change the payment method and arrange to pay the full amount for the current year.  When the sale is due to close, an apportionment will be made and the purchaser will refund whatever amount covers the remainder of the year from the date of closing.

If you have under or over paid Property Tax (depending on the value of the property originally submitted) you need to contact Revenue so as to deal with any under or over payment.  Full information with regard to this situation is available from the Revenue website


This tax was payable only in 2012 and your solicitor will need a receipt for payment or alternatively the Local Property Tax Property History usually shows that the Household Charge has been paid.


If you had a liability for the NPPR Tax, you need to provide your solicitor with receipts for the relevant years namely 2009 to 2013 inclusive. While the tax applied to houses which were owned but not occupied as your main residence, the purchaser is entitled to proof that the tax did not apply if such is the case.  If the property which you are selling is or had been lived in by you for the relevant period, then you must contact the local authority and obtain a certificate of exemption from NPPR.  There are other circumstances in which you may not be liable for the tax, for example if the property which you are selling is derelict and, in that case, you should discuss the matter with your solicitor as soon as possible.


You must register the property with Irish Water, pay all charges and give your solicitor your account number and WPRN reference (both are on your correspondence).  If your water is supplied through a group water scheme, you should also obtain a letter confirming that all charges have been paid to date and that the connection will be transferred to the purchaser.


If the property has a septic tank, you should ensure that it is registered.  The registration fee is €50.00 and the form can be obtained from the website


You must obtain a BER certificate and report which should be given to your solicitor.


A PPS number is required for all property transactions. Please give the number to your solicitor and confirm the tax type for which it is used. Some women have a number which is linked to that of their husband by the addition of the letter “W”. They must apply for a new number.

If your solicitor has to gather this information, you may incur additional charges.

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